Laszlo, Gisèle

Gisèle Laszlo is a photographer and artist from Montreal, born on June 12, 1978.
Her work illustrates the contrast between industrial landscapes and silhouettes in a contemporary narrative. Laszlo’s photographs are developed onto unconventional mediums such as satin, which gives her work a unique and bold aesthetic, on the edge of surrealism.


Laszlo was born to Argentinian and Hungarian parents, whose professions (architect and interior designer) inspired the artist a career in the creative arts. Her studies include degrees in arts and communications, photography and marketing.

Red Ruby

40" x 53"

Photo printed on satin






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2011                           « Grands Formats », Maison des Arts de St-Faustin, Quebec

2011                           Traveling exhibition (UQAM Laureate), Maison des Arts de St-Faustin, Québec