The Colart Collection’s mandate is to support and encourage young Canadian artists. Colart aims not only to be the premiere collector of contemporary Canadian works but also a significant nurturing force in the careers of the country’s most provocative emerging artists. The collection comprises works in all mediums and styles.

Artists are invited to submit works electronically on a single CD or DVD, with a short bio detailing their careers and achievements. The works are then viewed by the collection committee for consideration. Artists are free to submit as many works as they wish but cannot resubmit a work once it has been refused. The committee meets several times throughout the year and welcomes submissions at all times.

The Colart Collection sees its role as a patron encouraging the creativity of Canada’s fresh and evolving talents. By maintaining relationships with artists as their careers develop, the Colart Collection is not only a collection but also an active force in promoting Canada’s dynamic presence in the field of fine arts.

Works in the collection are hung in the Colart corporate offices and are on permanent display on this website. The Colart Collection is also mandated to organize public exhibits where its works can be enjoyed by all.

The Colart Collection represents the superlative talent and creativity of Canada’s newest and brightest generation of artists. The Colart Collection is immensely proud of the role its collection has in promoting the evolution of the fine arts.