Ellis, Scott P.

b. 1970
Collage artist Scott P. Ellis was born in Colborne, Ontario, 1970. Scott started visually exploring the underground and punk rock scenes using photography in Montreal in the early nineties. The staged photographic work presented a visually challenging message directed at the perverted abuse of power in religious and corporate environments. Because of the costs and substantial coordination associated with staged photographic art, Ellis settled into the medium of collage for his artistic expression. In collage, he has chosen to regurgitate popular media and propaganda and serve up his own visual dish of worldly interpretation. After working for a decade as a bicycle courier and artist in Montreal he relocated to Toronto in 2000.


Scott Ellis photo credit -  G-ONE Media

Wheels That Make The World Go Round

36" x 50"






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2011 Scott P. Ellis - Media Regurgitation, Headbones Gallery, Vernon, BC
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2009 Scott Ellis - Old School, Deleon White Gallery, Toronto, ON
2008 Warnings, Headbones Gallery, Toronto, ON May 2008 (Catalogue)
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2007 Master of the Universe, Gallery Samuel Lallouz, Montreal, QC


2010 NeoPriest, Headbones Gallery @ Art Mur, Montreal, QC, April, 2010
2009 NeoPriest, Definitely Superior Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, ON, September, 2009
2009 Road Show - Headnones Gallery travels with Scott P. Ellis, Rob Farmer, Charles Bronson
and Julie Oakes - Rub-Out Gallery, Thunder Bay, Chez Susanne, Kelowna, BC, Ashpa Naira Gallery,
2009 NeoPriest, Headbones Gallery, Toronto, ON, February, 2009 (Catalogue)
2009 Pass the Buddha with Julie Oakes, Museum of Northern History, Kirkland Lake, ON
2008 5 Canadian Artists, Galerie Attelier, Barmstedt, Germany, June 2008
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2007 Nuit Blanche, Alley Installation, Headbones Gallery, Toronto
2007 Looking East, Lehman Leskiw Fine Art, Toronto
2007 For Font’s Sake, Headbones Gallery Toronto
2006 Beauty & Obsession, Headbones Gallery, Toronto
1998 Spin Gallery, Toronto


2010 Papier 10 Art Fair, April, Montreal, QC
2009 Bridge Art Fair, New York City - Featured Artists from Neopriest - Headbones Gallery
2008 Toronto International Art Fair, The Drawers - Headbones Gallery
2008 Toronto International Art Fair, NeoPriest - Headbones Gallery
2008 Art Now Fair, Miami - Featured Artist with Neopriest - Headbones