Girard, Jean-François

b. 1974
The canadian artist Jean-François Girard was born in Québec, in 1974. He uses photography, video, painting, drawing and online art; he has developped the concept of a digital book whilst experimenting with the latter. His works have been exposed in Québec, Montréal, New-York and Paris. He utilises art in order to transcend daily life, and routine. He has presented five multimedia shows where he merged video, narrations and music.

In 2004, he won many prizes awarded by Vidéastes Recherché-es, in the Web art category. During his latest expositions, he has explored both digital and argentique techniques, elaborating a poetic urban survival guide.

Using the dark room, he has conducted several trials with the photogram and a hand held flash-light, spraying the chemical result of which onto a piece of paper. Jean-François Girard lives and works in Montréal.

Prière pour un hot chicken

30" x 32"

silver gelatin print






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Trucs utiles pour votre survie

30" x 24"

silver gelatin print






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Novembre 2010
Exposition de photographies
Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris

Août-sept 2010
Exposition de photographies et 3 spectacles multimédias
Galerie Bernard, Montréal

Juin 2010
Exposition de photographies Jean-Jean Héros
Bibliothèque Roger-Lemelin, Cap-Rouge

Février 2009
Exposition de photographies
Jadite Galleries, New York

Juin 2005
Exposition de photographies et 1 spectacle multimédia
Galerie Olivier Martin, Montréal

Février 2005
Exposition de photographies et 1 spectacle multimédia
Centre d’artistes Regart, Lévis

Novembre 2003
Exposition de photographies
Galerie Rouje, Québec


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