Glick, Julie

Julie Glick was born and has lived most of her life in Toronto. She hails from a classically oriented musical family, but rebelled and became a painter. As a child she went to private school in London England and as an adventurous teenager moved to New York City with a friend. Until recently, Glick owned and operated her own gallery representing other artists and presently she has the privilege of hosting artist interviews for an online version of a museum and gallery magazine. Glick still lives in Toronto, devoted to her husband, their dog, and much to her surprise, classical music.

Julie Glick has studied at the Ontario College of Art, the University of Toronto, the Avenue Road School of Art and semi privately in the studio of Catherine Hobart and Klaas Hart. She has participated in well over 20 solo and group exhibitions and her commissioned portraits continue to be in high demand. Glick’s work can be found in private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States, England and Hong Kong.


36” x 72”

Oil on canvas





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24” x 24”

Oil on canvas





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The Blue Ball

20" x 30"

Oil on canvas






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Oct. 2010
Dogs- solo exhibition Jacob’s Lounge Visual Arts Space Miles Nadel  JCC, Toronto

Oct. 2009
Walkabout- solo exhibition Red Sable Gallery, Toronto

May 2009
36th Annual Juried Show- Art Gallery of Peel, Brampton

April 2007 The Announcement- solo exhibition ACA Gallery,Toronto

Nov. 2006 Dog Day- solo exhibition Red Sable Gallery,Toronto

Sept. 2006 The Sensual Metaphor- solo exhibition The Workshop Gallery, Toronto

Jan. 2005 Blue- group show Gallery Bibianne, Toronto

Dec. 2004 Engine- group show at Engine Gallery, Toronto

Feb. 2004 By Invitation- inaugural group show Gallery Bibianne, Toronto

April 2003 Elements- Scarborough Arts Council annual juried exhibition, Toronto

July 2002 42nd Toronto Outdoor Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto

Aug. 2002 Sordid Stems- group show at Ciparis/Lennox Gallery, Toronto

July 2001 41st Toronto Outdoor Exhibition, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto

Jan. 2001 Canadian Opera Women’s Committee Art Sale, Hummingbird Centre, Toronto

July 1999 Flowers- solo exhibition at the Wagner Rosenbaum Gallery,Toronto

Feb. 1996 Portraits: Three Women- solo exhibition,Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto

Aug. 1995 This Is Not Patriarchy- solo exhibition, Barbwire Barbershop Gallery, Toronto

Feb. 1995 Images of Eros- collective show of erotic work , Gallery 215, Toronto

Oct. 1994 Contributing artist to The Quilt Project, at The Koffler Gallery, Toronto

April 1993 Openings- group show at Artifact Gallery, Toronto