Jamieson, Ronald

b. 1949 - Montréal, Québec
“I know IT when I see IT, I see IT when I know IT”

My commitment to the Art Process is an attempt to become aware of the essence of the Universal Balance. In other words: Everything=Nothing=Truth=Love=Infinity

I hope to achieve this by capturing a “frozen moment” of which we call reality and to try to represent this captured visual with a slight twist of unease to provide insight which can launch the audience through a portal towards silence, ambiguity, and emptiness. To focus on what “is not there” or simply, space to maintain an eternal question.

Gerhardt Richter: “I have nothing to say and I’m saying it.” John Cage

Leonardo da Vinci: “Among the great things which are to be found among us, the Being of Nothingness is the greatest”

The Tao: “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name.”
“The usefulness of what is depends on what is not” (11th Verse)

Hammershoi: Poetry of Silence which leaves his audience open for suggestion.

Ron Jamieson: “I allow myself to be silent with the intention of inclusivity.”
“The freedom of silence.” This allows one to remain an exception to the rule.

In a recent series (of horse paintings), I’m not primarily painting the horse, I’m only using it as a vehicule to paint the background. It emerges out of the background, and then it goes back in.
So this so-called three dimensional horse is created by light, and that is the awe. I’m trying to paint awe. It’s the moment when you stop thinking and you just feel. Like Einstein said, either everything is a miracle, or nothing is a miracle. I see everything as a miracle, I’m just so overwhelmed by so many things.

Whatever arises train again and again in looking at it for what it is without calling it names and you will start to see without judgement and truly start to see.


A Vision Is Reality

48" x 24"

Acrylic on canvas






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We Are Light

48" x 36"

Acrylic on canvas






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  • A-Vision-Is-Reality
  • We-Are-Light


2000 Waddington Gorce (Mtl) Solo Show
2001 Toronto International Art Fair & Waddiington Gorce Solo Show
2002 Miami International Art Fair
2002 Han Art (Mtl) Solo Show
2003 Toronto International Art Fair
2004 Han Art (Mtl)