Mattia, Christine

My artistic practice combines different mediums (painting, drawing, photography) and looks at evolution, species, myths and roots. It is partly through symbolic bestiary that this self-reflection developed, prompting the view to question the notion of identity and identification, as well as the founding narratives of our civilization.


In the current phase of my research, more than ever, I to try to reconcile man and his inner animal. My work questions the relationship between man and animal, and attempts to define their respective places at the heart of the urban city. Man and animal do not live in separate worlds, our histories are intertwined. We share the same surroundings and yet while we try to evolve and adapt to our environment, our view of the animal remains ambiguous. The animal plays many roles in our society: a working tool, a family member, a source of food and an economic resource.


As urban societies continue to develop we must question our own place in this world, what remains of our animal nature and the environment in which we live.

Corbeaux A

31" x 40"

Oil on canvas






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Solo Exhibitions


2008 : Adieu Frida, Alliance Française, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

2005 : Autopsie Généalogique Connexion Gallery, Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada

2003 : Résonances, Centre des arts contemporains, Montréal, Qc, Canada

1994 : Galerie Blaue Fabric, Dresde, Allemagne

1994 : Galerie Haus 23, Cottbus, Allemagne

1993 : Institut Culturel Français de Dresde, Dresde, Allemagne

Group Exhbitions

2011 :  Moderato...galerie D’art Gala Montréal

2009 :30 ans d’art visuel,collection loto Quebec, Musée national des Beaux-  Arts du Quebec.

2008 : Œuvres choisies de la collection Loto Québec, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Sherbrooke, Québec.

2003 : Négritude, mémoire vivante, Musée du Houet, Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, dans le cadre

du projet de l’UNESCO, la route de l’esclavage

2001 : Galerie des bains, Sète, France

2000 : Galerie L’uovo di Struzzo, San Pedro in Vincoli, Torino, Italie

2000 : Galerie Lawless, Montréal, Canada

1999 : Galerie Rythmogram, Bad Ischl, Autriche

1996 : Centre culturel français de Dakar, Sénégal

1996 : Centre culturel français de Berlin, Allemagne

1996 : Ateliers de l’Usine de la Planque, Hérault, France

1995 : Miniature, Galerie Damn & Wolker Lenkeit, Nuremberg, Allemagne