Roach, Joshua

b. 1988
I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and I completed my thesis in sculpture at the University of Manitoba. To me paint is a skin. It conceals my shortcoming and reveals my honesty. The structure it creates allows me the freedom to manipulate it. I I build paint up like I build a sculpture, allowing my naivety to play with the medium. Slowly the painting distorts as the relationship of forms, colours, and texture intermingle.


72" x 48"

Oil on canvas






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January 2011, The Edge Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba


May 2010, Coming Out, Ace Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
May 2010, SHER'n ROACHes, The Edge Galley, Winnipeg, Manitoba
November 2009, UMSU Sculpture Competition Submissions, GOSA Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
April 2009, University of Manitoba Painting Majors Show, Outworks Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
January 2009, 24 Hands, 4Pianos (and a very small organ), University of Manitoba Sculpture Building