Roger, Benjamin

Born in Ottawa, ON in 1982 Benjamin lives and works in Ottawa, ON and Gatineau, QC, respectively.

Rodger’s current work focuses on the combination of decorative elements and figurative elements and their interaction on the same surface.  If patterned fabrics can be considered paintings, what can the acrylic copy or imitation of them be considered as? The painted imitation of painting? Also, does the photo-based painting become an imitation of a photo? Is a photo an imitation of a moment

caught on film? Can a photo communicate ideas about painting?  With a BFA from Concordia, Rodger has exhibited nationally and internationally, including representing Canada in the discipline of painting at the VI Games of La Francophonie in Beirut.

Nelligan, Galerie St-Laurent + Hill, Ottawa, ON
I Saw The Invisible Man But He Didn't See Me, Orange Art Gallery, Ottawa, ON
J'ai vu l'homme invisible, mais lui ne m'a pas vu, Espace Roger St-Denis, la Nouvelle scène, Ottawa, ON
Faces of Bluesfest, Cube Gallery, Ottawa, ON
Pop Shop, Orange Art Gallery, Ottawa, ON
Paintings for Squares,Ottawa School of Art Gallery, Shenkman Arts Centre, Ottawa, ON
Orange Pop, Orange Art Gallery, Ottawa, ON
Repérage, Galerie Montcalm, Maison du citoyen, Gatineau, QC
Nice Paintings, Espace Odysée, Maison de la culture, Gatineau, QC
Œuvres fraîches, University of Lebanon Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
Accrochage, Palais de l’Unesco, Beirut, Lebanon (Catalogue)
Fresh Juice, Galerie la petite mort, Ottawa, ON
Prick, Galerie la petite mort, Ottawa, ON
One night stand with Ben Rodger, Galerie la petite mort, Ottawa, ON
GS Art, Galerie expérimentale, Nice, France
Super sans-plomb ‘08, Galerie expérimentale, Nice (Catalogue)
Men on Women, Galerie la petite mort, Ottawa, ON
Dernière station avant l’autoroute, Galerie MuseAAV, Nice, France
Holiday Show, Galerie la petite mort, Ottawa, ON
Mars aux musées, Galerie expérimentale, Nice, France