Slim, Alexander

b. 1980
Using paint as my medium and a pallet knife as my tool. I paint unconsciously as a means to lose myself.

My art is a mixture of color, texture; Motion and strokes; Chaos and control. My artistic expression serves also as a means of self-discovery. I paint freely in the moment with no clear idea of the final product. Relying only on colors, texture and emotion to guide me.

Don't Give Up

36" x 36"

Mixed media on canvas






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Hotel Opus, Montreal 2010
Currently displaying 12 canvases in the lobby, conference room and presidential suite.
La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa (2010)
Gallerie Pange, Montreal 2009
Irish Embassy, Ottawa 2008
Canteen Gallery, Ottawa 2008
Remi Theriault Studio, Ottawa 2007