McGlynn, Casey

Casey McGlynn grew up in rural Ontario, where he would sit in front of the television and draw on old grocery bags and scrap paper tirelessly, creating self-taught surrealist pop art. Later in life, McGlynn attended the Ontario College of Art and Design. Being added to the Bau-Xi Gallery’s stable at a very young age, McGlynn’s early work contains spontaneity, originality and raw energy found more often in Outsider Art.

McGlynn’s work is as much about revealing the truth and expressing emotions, as it is about documenting actual fact. ‘Since 1995, McGlynn has exhibited extensively in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Elephant herd honours

48" x 48"

Mixed media on canvas






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“Somehow, Someway, Somewhere, Someday”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto

“Mountain or Molehill”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC

“I’ll be here forever”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON

“Your Ark”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC “tobacco belt”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON

“pay as you go”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC

“under the massive light of the sun my computer is useless”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
“have you seen this person?”, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, Colorado
“set the controls for the heart of the sun”, Function: Art Gallery, Decatur, Georgia
“do I know you?”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON

“the real reasons for things”, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
“new work by casey mcglynn, Garde Rail Gallery, Seattle, Washington

"the feet that grew roots in the ground", Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC

"A Circus For the Music-Box People", Katharine Mulherin Gallery, Toronto, ON
"Making the Story", Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC

"everyone I’ve ever met", Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON
"herd", Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC

401 Richmond St., Toronto, ON Modern Primitive Gallery, Atlanta,
Georgia Judy A. Saslow Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
Garde Rail, Seattle, Washington
Yard Dog Gallery, Texas
"Stad in de Zomer", Koe Casa Gallery, touring exhibition, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Teal, Ophemert, The Netherlands.
Casey McGlynn "predicts the future" Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON
"horses faces x tables", Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC
"235 Ideas for Tattoos", installation, Bus Gallery, Toronto, ON

"horses faces x tables", Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON

"Spaceships Sheep & Horses", Toto Gallery, Toronto, ON

"The Sheep Paintings", Music Gallery, Toronto, ON


"Urban Disco Trailer", Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON
Outsider Art Fair, New York, NY

Art Objects, Marcia Weber Gallery, New York, NY
2000 Representing Canada in "Northerners" exhibition, Tuscaloosa by invitation of the Alabama State
Council on the Arts
Toronto International Art Fair, Michael Gibson Gallery, Toronto, ON
Last Century Modern, Spin Gallery, Toronto
Outsiders Outside, Chicago, IL Folk Fest, Atlanta, Georgia
"Pissing in the Corners", (installation) Minivan Gallery, Toronto, ON
Outsider Art Fair, New York, NY
Modern Primitive Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia

"Luck of the Draw", Reactor Gallery, Toronto. Curated by Fiona Smythe
Folk Fest, Atlanta, Georgia
Monoprints/ Monotypes, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON
"Private Drawings", Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON
OPEN DAG, Koe Casa Gallery, Holland

1998, 97
AD AXIOM Gallery, Burlington, ON
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, ON
West End Studio Tour, Toronto, ON

Gumfoot, OCAD Gallery, Toronto, ON
Zinc Gallery


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