b. 1970
The majority of the art world’s curators and collectors continue to view graffiti as a form of vandalism and “lower art”. This is where Omen wants to set things straight. Since the late 90s, Omen has been redefining the boundaries of graffiti with his singular style of painting, both on and off the streets.

Using spray cans as his primary medium, he has been leading the aerosol movement towards a truce with the established art world. “Aerosol is a medium like any other; valid and there as a vehicle to express oneself, whether that be through realism, expressionism, cubism, or whatever the artist chooses,” he says. “As long as aerosol and graffiti are used to pigeon-hole and keep legitimate artists down, I will keep blowing your minds.”

02 - "Trip"

20" x 77" (Tryptych)







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Word up!, Show & Tell Gallery, Curator: Simon Cole, Toronto, Canada.
Heart Show, Katacombs, Curator: Nat Jean, Montreal, Canada.
EN MASSE, Galarie Pangee, Curator: Margot Ross, Montreal, Canada.
Poor Traits, Headquarters Gallery, Curator: Tyson Bonderchuck, Montreal, Canada.
Nuite Blanche, OGA, Curator: Devon Omstom, Toronto, Canada.
Escales Improbable, Site specific, Curator: Luce Caillères, Montreal, Canada.
Chapter |||, Manifesto Gallery, Curator, Steve Ferrara & Lisa Martin, Toronto, Canada

The Sexy Show, Headquarters, Curator: James Curr, Montréal, Canada.
Us & Them Art Show, Well & Good Gallery, Curator: Devon Ostrom, Toronto, Canada.
So Løw, Yves LaRoche Gallery, Curator: Ximena Becerra, Montréal, Canada. (solo)

Sweet Calaveras, Galerie D’art Yves Laroche, Curator: Ximena Becerra, Montréal, Canada.

OMEN Panel, Mays Lane Gallery, Curator: Tugi Balog, Sydney, Australia. (solo)
OMEN, AMPM Gallery, Curator: Andy Dabski, Taipei, Taiwan. (solo)
Inside Out, Kopshop Gallery, Curator: Frederick Hryszyn, Montreal, Canada. (solo)

Arts Corridor project , Juming Museum, Curator: Samantha Chou, Jinshan, Taiwan.
4Crew, The Wall, Curator: Jimi Moe, Taipei, Taiwan.
Street Art, AMPM Gallery, Curator: Andy Dabski, Taipei, Taiwan.
Foreign Exchange, Cluny Art Bar, Curator: Kiki Dranias, Montreal, Canada. (solo)
The natural low show, Sunset room, Curator: Harley Smart, Victoria, Canada. (catalogue)

Youth in Asia,River Bar, Curator: Andy Dabski, Taiwan

Asianite Urban Art Exhibition, Saloon, Curator: Andy Dabski, Taipei, Taiwan.

Jazzed up!, Blizzarts, Montréal, Canada. (solo)